BuildCraft 6.1.4 downloads
Requires latest Forge (

New BuildCraft version! This time, we had the occasion to add some actual features. Changelog:


  • [#2085] Sided redstone I/O! With a special parameter (Gate Side Only), redstone will only input (or output) from/to the side of the gate! [asie]
  • Stained glass pipes! Use stained glass instead of glass in the crafting recipe. You can also use a dye with 8 pipes, as well as a bucket of water as bleach. [asie]
  • [#2081] Gate Copiers! You can use them to copy gate settings and paste them to other gates. [asie]
  • Quartz Pillars and Chiseled Quartz are now supported as Facades. [asie]
  • Builder behaviour change: They are now much more strict in terms of what can be copied with an Architect Table. This is to stop any potential dupe bug. Support for more mods and combinations will be added with time. [asie]
  • Miner robots can now mine any ore defined in the OreDictionary. [asie]
  • [#2005] Quarry Frames now decay properly. [asie]
  • Updated localizations: German [Vexatos], Italian [TheVikingWarrior], Polish [asie]


  • Fixed remaining strings saying MJ instead of RF. [asie]
  • Fixed emerald gate tooltip. [asie]
  • Fixed facade cycling [asie]
  • Fixed a Docking Station crash in certain dimensions. [asie]
  • Fixed a Java 7 requirement that should not have been there. [asie]
  • [#2083] Fixed Redstone Faders not working properly. [asie]
  • [#2093] Fixed emerald pipes pulling out too many items at a time. [asie]
  • [#2095] Fixed gate dupe bug when upgrading from 6.0.x to 6.1.x. [asie]
  • [#1995] Fixed getDrops() dropping pipe items by itself. [asie]
  • Fixed robots flying up, up and away when hit. [asie]
  • Fixed a crash in PipeColoringRecipe – if you’re getting it, please re-download! [asie]

For Developers

The builder API and the gate APIs have a few changes, namely, the builder API got a refactor and IStatementParameter has some extra functions yu need to implement. However, I believe the API should stay fully stable from now on for the foreseeable future.

BuildCraft 6.1.3 downloads
Requires latest Forge (

Good news everyone!

As you may have noticed, asie posted an updated BuildCraft 6.1.3 version a few days ago on his his wiki . Now it is officially released here as well! Here’s the changelog:


  • Stripes Pipes now support using any liquid with buckets.
  • Restored pre-6.1.2 Redstone Engine behaviour.
  • Tweaks to wooden item pipe behaviour.


  • [#2072] Optimized power transport pipes a bit (adudney)
  • Heavily optimized idling Chutes (asie)

API changes:

  • [#2078] Addtional getter methods in IFlexibleRecipe (asie)
  • [#2071] Improve error handling in FlexibleRecipe (asie)
  • [#1949] Enhancement in Builder API – refactors in SchematicBlock (asie)
  • [#1946] IFacadeItem API – the beginning of a facade API! (asie with input from AlgorithmX2)
  • [#1670] Stripes Pipe API (asie with input from anti344)


Bugs fixed:

  • [#2073] Changed Math.min call to outside the loop so as to split power evenly (adudney)
  • [#2071] Improve error handling in FlexibleRecipe (asie)
  • [#2062] Crash with combustion engine (asie)
  • [#2061] Gate expansions are broken on the server side (asie – fixed by #1901)
  • [#2056] Wooden kinesis pipes don’t show certain connections as sources until a block update (adudney)
  • [#2055] Fixed Engines not using continuous power when their initial rotation is valid (adudney)
  • [#2054] Fixed redstone engines being 1/10th as effective as they should be (adudney)
  • [#2052] Fixed engines storing energy for all time when unpowered (adudney)
  • [#2051] Fixed stone engines discharging energy too slowly (adudney)
  • [#2047] Laser table items are registered as “null” (AEnterprise, adudney, asie)
  • [#2043] Random client-side lag with AbstractBuilder implementators – quarries, fillers, builders (asie)
  • [#1962] Fix incorrect door hinge placement (kremkrem)
  • [#1901] Gates created twice (asie)
  • [#1599] Stripes eating pipe items (asie)
  • fix important dupe bug (asie)
  • fix NPE in BlockGenericPipe (asie)
  • quarries now properly dispose of tile entities (asie)
  • re-add BuildCraft-Localization files (asie)
  • some error messages were not logged (asie)
  • use IEnergyConnection for rendering kinesis pipe connections (asie)


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BuildCraft 6.1.2 downloads
Requires latest Forge (

Good news everyone!

After 2 long months, and thanks to the excellent work from asie, there’s finally a 6.1.2 release of BuildCraft :-) Original links have been published on October 18 on his wiki . Here’s the changelog:


[#2007, #2015, #2016, #2018, #2019, #2022] Redstone Flux conversion across the entire mod (asie, SpaceToad, AEnterprise, magik6k, Kubuxu)
Mods using the BuildCraft 5 MJ API (such as RailCraft and below) are still supported!
This also fixes the severe energy bugs caused when using non-BC MJ engines (Forestry’s, RailCraft’s).
[#2007] Add Emerald Power Pipes [asie]
[#2024] add event to detect and prevent the placement of robots (AEnterprise)
[#2014] create events for external research (AEnterprise)
[#2011] Quartz Fluid Pipe and Flow Rate Multiplier (RufusStark)
[#2001] Rewrite fuel/coolant api for iron engine (Prototik)
[#1999] Implement a “list” item (SpaceToad)
[#1971] Adjust speed of builder / filler (SpaceToad)
[#1544] Composite Blueprints (SpaceToad)
new pipe sealant texture (AEnterprise)
assembly/refinery recipe removal IMC message support (asie)

[#2042] cannot craft facades in multiplayer (asie)
[#2037] Incorrect oil generation code (smariot)
[#2034] Buildcraft 6.1 PipeTransportItems.getPossibleMovements error (asie)
[#2027] idle lasers using a lot of CPU time (asie)
[#2026] Set toolClass of ItemWrench to “wrench” (ShetiPhian)
[#2025] few fixes for the eureka system to work (AEnterprise)
[#2023] fix game crashing when placing robot without a redstone board installed (AEnterprise)
[#2020] fix progressbar in the lasertables (AEnterprise)
[#2017] fixes for construction marker (AEnterprise)
[#1988] Fixed a crash on dedicated servers with EnumColor (darkevilmac)
[#1985] Implement fluid-interacting robots (fluids transporter and pump) (SpaceToad)
[#1941] Frames pumped out of a quarry (SpaceToad)
[#1896] Redstone engine tweaks (SpaceToad)
[#1895] Gates extensions not passed to client (SpaceToad)
fixed NPE in WorldProperty (marcin212)
miscellanous localization/spelling fixes (asie)


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Hi everyone,

It’s been a few days now from Mincrosoft buying Minecraft – maybe a good time to touch base and give some personal thoughts on the matter.

Selling Mojang makes painful sense. Notch communication about it was a bit awkward – but Notch communication has always been awkward about pretty much anything. Beyond that, it’s nothing else than business as usual. For the players, it means that there may be more things happening around Minecraft license, which could be very good news or very bad news. But at least that’s something.

Of course, there’s the issue of getting a nice indie project becoming property of a large group that does nothing but squeezing money for shareholders. But that’s the world we live in, not much we can do about it. If you want to support a nice indie developer, you can always check out this page ;-).

With regards to modding, the situation may evolve in different ways depending on Mincrosoft decisions, as well as modding community reaction to these decisions. As far as I’m concerned, the fundamentals needed for me to carry on modding are still there. I am keeping my commitment to BuildCraft.

Progress is going to be slower in the coming weeks though. As for most of us, modding is a side activity for me and the fall is a very busy time in my regular job. This explains recent decrease of videos and releases, which hopefully should be only a temporary problem.

Any help and support during that period of time is really appreciated :-)



BuildCraft 6.0.18 downloads
Requires latest Forge (

Support & Help
General bug Reports

Good news everyone!

A small bugfix for BuildCraft 6.0.x series on Minecraft 1.7.10 – mainly provided to fix crashes with other mods and facades. Enjoy!

#1982 remove landmark’s levitation. [Prototik]
#1979 fixed crashes with third party mods and facades [tterrag1098]
#1969 fix builder/filler not rendering if player is too far away [ganymedes01]
#1967 fixed US grammar [61352151511]
#1961 fixed US grammar [61352151511]

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BuildCraft 6.1.1 downloads
Requires latest Forge (

Good news everyone!

6.1 is still on pre^3 alpha mode for some good amount of time, but let’s publish packages along with preview videos. So here we are, new video, new release!

#1986 Improve robot functional animations [SpaceToad]
#1986 Add delivery robot [SpaceToad]
#1973 Add crafting robot [SpaceToad]
#1965 Updated logging to log4j2 [Parker8283]


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BuildCraft 6.1.0 downloads
Requires latest Forge (

Good news everyone!

Work on the 6.1 is making progress, a bit slower in this period of vacation, but progress nonetheless. For those of you who feel brave enough to give it a try as it is right now, I’ve made available the first version for download. If you keep in mind that this is extremely preliminary, so preliminary that bug reports forums are not even open yet, feel free to give it a try!

There was quite a large amount of changes made already, on number of aspects. You’ll find below the various preview videos that were released, along with the changelog.

#1960 crash when placing a blueprint on the construction maker [ninehous]
#1950 more accurate aiming of the lasers [AEnterprise]
#1942 interface to select area from map [SpaceToad]
#1937 redesigned texture state system [Itaros]
#1932 add support for giving items a color when calling injectItem [simon816]
#1930 schematic for pipe miss support for sided gates [SpaceToad]
#1928 update BC to MC 1.7.10 [adudney]
#1926 “Bucher” Robot should be called “Butcher” [SpaceToad]
#1925 implement robot butcher [SpaceToad]
#1924 implement robot shovelman [SpaceToad]
#1922 implement a harvester robot [SpaceToad]
#1921 implement robot lifecyle [SpaceToad]
#1916 fixed Unix builds [Prototik]
#1915 implement a miner robot [SpaceToad]
#1913 implement a bomber robot [SpaceToad]
#1911 implement a knight robot [SpaceToad]
#1910 fix ghost facades from pre-6.0.x worlds [tambry]
#1908 implement a builder robot [SpaceToad]
#1907 implement a carrier robot [SpaceToad]
#1903 fix triggers with parameters [SpaceToad]
#1902 implement closing pipe action [SpaceToad]
#1897 Split implementation of “energy requested” trigger [SpaceToad]
#1892 improve style with generic parametrization [tambry]
#1886 support for multiple gates per pipe [Prototik]
#1885 use ItemStack sensitive version of hasContainerItem() [tambry]
#1883 code cleanup [tambry]
#1882 implement a special paper to record a location + side [SpaceToad]
#1880 implement a emerald gate [SpaceToad]
#1879 update to new version of Forge [tambry]
#1877 implement a robot control station [SpaceToad]
#1876 implement a robot cutting leaves [SpaceToad]
#1874 implement a planter robot [SpaceToad]
#1873 improve robots performance and safety [SpaceToad]
#1869 implement lumberjack robot [SpaceToad]
#1868 implement robot station mutual exclusion [SpaceToad]
#1867 Implement robot energy requirements [SpaceToad]
#1864 fix builder fluid support [Prototik]
#1863 fix transparent facade item texture [Prototik]
#1862 make Builder support fluids via containers/pipes [Prototik]
#1861 cleanup in recipe code enhancement [SpaceToad]
#1859 fixed oil and fuel opacity [tambry]
#1858 add advanced integration recipe [Prototik]
#1856 INBT serializable for @NetworkData [Prototik]
#1850 next impovements of MjAPI [Prototik]
#1846 implement a first test framework [SpaceToad]
#1835 fix in EntityRobotPicker [viliml]
#1834 further enhancements to energy system [Prototik]
#1819 add support for transparent facades [Prototik]
#1818 really advanced phased facades [Prototik]
#1817 minor graphical problems with half activated gates [SpaceToad]
#1797 migrate engines / wooden kinesis pipe to new MjAPI [Prototik]
#1776 fixes wire flicker when changing redstone output of gates [Humungus]
#1732 implement robots [SpaceToad]


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