4 comments on “BuildCraft 3.0.0 – Detailed Tutorial 101

  1. nice tutorial, it is a good understanding area for those who are confused I can see! and now I fully understand gates in that matter (just a few things were cleared up from the preview that i watched that explained a bunch)

  2. i don’t think the problem is understanding how it works so much as having to do so much to make some relatively simple things work. For example, if someone wanted a machine that runs an engine with a tank a fuel, and they wanted a system that tells when the fuel tank is empty, and when the engine is running, they’d have to spend the time to get all the diamonds and obsidian and a working power plant necessary to get lasers and a new table, so they can spend 2 gold for two gates. That’s an awful lot of work to set up something that’s going to be constantly sucking energy.

    a flaw i notice is that there’s hardly a way to efficiently control the power going to the lasers. What i mean is that it seems like the lasers don’t stop sucking power even when they won’t be crafting anything. And even if they did, you wouldn’t be able to automatically send a signal to stop the engine.

    I love this mod and i love the concept behind the 3.0.0 release, but it just seems like a lot of busy work to get some simple stuff working.

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