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  1. I’m a little confused. Is there any work being done on BC 3.0.x anymore? All i’ve seen for awhile now are 2.2.x updates and bug fixes. I’m jut confused as to why (it seems) you are focusing so much on what i consider (maybe incorrectly) outdated version. I would just assume the primary version would be 3.0.x at this point. Which is pretty awesome btw. Anyways, I love what you do, keep it up.

    • 2.2.x is the “stable” version. That’s the only one that is available on SMP, the main one on which people play and develop sub-mods and compatibility layers. This will stay this way for some time now, so it’s important that it works properly.

      But don’t get my comments wrong. There’s a huge amount of work currently put together on the 3.x branch. A massive set of new features is converging, getting ready for a preview soon!

  2. Can I ask another question?

    I very like buildcraft. Unfortunatelly, just buildcraft is not enough :(
    At least I want following things:
    1) Deployer (as in RedPower) – machine for “right click by item” – for wheat/tree farming, for example.
    2) Timer/more powerfull red stone tools for automate the my machines.

    One more.
    3) logistics craft pipes – if I try install it to server, server is crash. This is a reason for open bug?
    4) What do you think about install ModLoader/ModLoaderMP/minecraftforge by ClassPath instead of patching?
    This is more clear and really usable. I can provide scripts/inctruction for your site, if you want….

    • This is really not a thread for feature request, but for bugs. Anyway, here’s some answers:

      I don’t see how you can install ModLoader/ModLoaderMP/Forge by classpath – they change files from minecraft.jar so this is opening all kind of issues with class loading error – not even talking about ensuring that the path of clients is correct.

      Logistic pipes discussion should happen on http://www.mod-buildcraft.com/forums/forum/sub-mods-and-texture-packs/kraphts-logistic-pipes/.

      A pipe deploying a block has indeed been asked forever. I never quite saw an actual business case for this, but your wheat story is indeed interesting. That’d be like a simple filler I guess.

      Timers will probably come along with additional gates capabilities.

      • Thank you for your feedback!

        1) To the future – where ask for fearures?
        2) So, I really need deployer. How you imagine automatic tree farm without it?
        I saw the solutions with two template builders and one qurry, but this TOO EXPENSIVE!
        But this solution not suitable for wheat farming :(

        Thank you again!

  3. thanks for a heads up on the 2.x.x branch being out sourced, hopefully you wont stop bug fixing on 2.x.x until a “stable” 3.x.x SMP i available :)

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