6 comments on “BuildCraft 3.5.1 for Minecraft 1.5.2

  1. Oil Spring details: 25% chance of spawning at the base of Large Wells (the tall ones). Produces like 1 bucket of oil every so many mins (exact time unknown) once the well has been pumped out.

    • ooooooo….cool!
      get a few of those and you can have a nice refinery going forever.

  2. I just started using MC 1.5.1 cause most of the mods just updated, and I’m waiting for the “builder” to be fixed in MC 1.5.1, Can the developers still support and update buildcraft in MC 1.5.1?

  3. This is very unlikely. And if builder is to work again it’ll be in newest version.

  4. Will it ever be compatible with MC 1.5.1 because NEI hasn’t updated to 1.5.2 so I am still stuck at 1.5.1.

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