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  1. ik heb een vraag ik heb geregistreerd maar kan toch niet op de kingdom en ik weet niet waar ik dat kan zeggen. Ik hoop dat dat hier moet. Kun je me alstjeblieft een email sturen naar olivier.bax@gmail.com want ik weet niet wat ik moet doen. Alvast bedankt en tot ziens

      • Please translate.
        It’s Dutch –
        “I have a question I have registered but can not [I'll assume it's "login" here (might not be, of course)] and I do not know what I can say[/do?]. I hope that [a solution?] is here. Can you PLEASE send me an email to olivier.bax @ gmail.com because I do not know what to do. Thank you and goodbye”
        (“[X]” areas is what I’d assume he is saying)
        Translation might have been a little iffy… :3

        • Your translation is very close, ill take the freedom to improve it.

          “I have a question I have registered but can’t get on the Kingdom and I don’t know where to report this issue. I hope this is the place. Can you PLEASE send me an email to olivier.bax @ gmail.com because I do not know what to do. Thank you and goodbye”

          I researched “The Kingdom” and it seems to be a Dutch Minecraft community.

          Ill send the dude an email saying this isn’t the right place.

  2. Hi everyone.

    I have trouble with to retrieve items from the oven. In fact, the wooden pipe extract the item from the bottom, fuel (coal, lava, etc.). And do not extract the result of the cooking
    Do you have this problem?
    In advance thank you.


    NB: sorry for my bad english made ​​by Google: D

    • To extract items from a furnace you just put a wooden transport pipe on the side of the furnace, power it with an engine and it should just extract the cooked/smelted items from the furnace.
      Do you know if there’s an actual issue with the mod or did you just misplace a pipe perhaps?

    • I watched your video and you definitely haven’t done anything wrong with your setup. I downloaded and tried myself and had the same problem, so it must just be a bug in the current BuildCraft. I’m sure it’ll be fixed in the next version.

  3. Hello Guys Hello Devs form BC ;)

    I use the Newest Version of BC i my Builder dosent work when i put a Blueprint in to the Build my Minecraft an the Server a Crahsing after The Crash with the same World the Server no anymore runs i musst delete my old World and only with a New World the Server is starting but again i put a Blueprint in my BUilder Server Crashed.

    I hope u understand what is my Problem with the Builder

    Thanks Guys

    • The Builder has been bugged for absolutely ages so it’s been disabled until the issue can be resolved. So basically you can’t/shouldn’t use the Builder at all.

    • My problem is resolved :

      - What i need smelted: Comes with pipe on top.
      - What i have smelted: Comes out bottom of the furnace
      - Fuel: comes with pipe on side

      It’s weird o-o

      • It isn’t weird, it’s not a bug.
        It’s a new property of minecraft 1.5.x to use furnaces with vanilla hopper
        In french :
        Ce n’est pas bizarre, et ce n’est pas un bug
        C’est une nouvelle propriété de minecraft 1.5.x pour utiliser les four automatiquement avec l’entonnoir

  4. Looks like all links got deleted, i cant download any version from mediafire

  5. With the new way of installing I have a problem. I have a mac and I downloaded the exe file but when I opened it I got a bunch of random symbols. What do I do?

  6. I seem to have a problem with Gates connected to Stirling Engines.

    Gates connected to a sterling engine register the inventory of the engine as full when there is only one item in the fuel slot.

    This make it impossible to automaticly refuel the engine whithout setting up comprehensive redstone timers.

    I wanted to set up a gate that triggers a Red Pipe Wire signal when there is room for fuel in the stirling engine. That way I could trigger an Autarchic Gate contected to coal storrage.

    I’m not sure if this is a bug or if it’s a feature. Should I plan to build a redstone timer or should I report this as a bug in Github, or maybe someone has a compact workaround to my problem.

  7. Yay more build craft updates, thanks for maintaining this mod, its one of those that keep me coming back to mine craft

    Can i still hold out hope the builder will be fixed? it was the major thing i used from build craft, was trying to auto build a city

    Or failing that anyone now of another mod that replicates its functionality?

  8. I apologize for by noobness and the stupidity of this question, and I promise never to ask anything ever again if someone could just direct me as to how to or where to find a tutorial and files to set up my own buildcraft server.

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