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  1. GAH!
    messing with the autocrafting table just screwed up my whole resource processing rig….why’d you have to remove the pulling of stuff from an adjacent chest?

      • you just nerfed the autocrafting workbench into oblivion with those changes. I’m not going to touch it anymore with those changes
        I will go use the computer controlled crafter from CC

        • That was kind of the point. The way it was made the Advanced Crafting Table (the Laser based one) pointless. And the code/design was poorly suited to full featured crafting. The alternatives were making it identical to the Advanced Crafting Table and removing the ACT, removing the AWB entirely, or leaving it broken and full of dupe bugs.

          Which it should be noted that the Advanced Crafting Table does support non-stackable and container items. And there has been talk of adding crafting chain support to it as well.

          • you still need to have pulling from adjacent chests for the ACT to make it worth my time.
            I had a crafting setup that used ONE chest that could make any gear from wood all the way up to diamond. (regular gears not any of the add-on ones like yours from RC)
            It’d be nice if you could also add an advanced laser that could take and output more power to the laser crafting table and the ACT as well as fixing the circular path power buildup issue with conductive pipes so we can put a load of lasers to power the thing without messy setups
            otherwise even the ACT will remain inferior to the CC or even RP2 crafting tables.

    • Some good ways to go if you have other mods installed:
      MFR liquiCrafter (need redstone pulse)
      Thermal expansion Cyclic Assembler (need 2MJ)

      both of them have internal storage

  2. Just Downloaded this and put it in multimc mod folder and I created a world and i get: New Version of Buildcraft acailvable: 3.5.3 for Minecraft 1.5.2 and i made sure that it was the 3.6.0 that ii have installed

    • Well we can’t even place fuel down yet, but it would be interesting if we could though.

  3. BuildCraft is not Working at all still and it is really buging me so im just going back to an Older verson because there work fine i do the same dam thing as i all ways do but now its just Broken

  4. what happened to the builder? enable it again? and why he was removed from Builcraft? no explanations given in changelog

    • no, builder removed due to it still not working and people keep reporting it not working.

  5. I love buildcraft, it’s great! And oil biomes are a fantastic idea, I found one and I was very happy….

    …until there was a storm and lightning struck the oil and now the entire biome is on fire and I cant put it out, even rain doesn’t do it. My world is ruined and I haven’t even built my first pump yet.

    Could you please make it so oil is not flammable, being flammable may be more “realistic” however I believe it doesn’t add anything to the game, if anything it ruins it.

    Here is a picture of the burning biome: http://i.imgur.com/s7MebQU.jpg

    • if the oil doesn’t burn up, just start pumping it. that will take care of that problem.

        • oh…right….
          lilypads…you can place lilypads on water, maybe they can be placed on the burning oil to put them out., at least long enough to pump them out.

          • It doesn’t work, honestly who ever thought making oil catch fire was a good idea should try playing with an oil well on fire.

            I had to turn the entire column of oil into dirt to get rid of the fire, what a huge boring waste of time.

  6. Version checking really needs to be fixed please. So far I can not use buildcraft at all due to the version checker failing every time. I have extremely fast internet, I am certainly connected to it, but still I can not get buildcraft to work at all.

    • Really thought i’d mention this, in actuality it is not all buildcraft’s version checker causing problems. Seems to me that running along side some of the main mods that used to work with buildcraft, the version checker seems to want to keep checking if your updated. I checked all configs thinking it might be that, ran up and down the log, and the only problem I have seem to found is the checker keeps wanting to fail.

    • they added a filter list for pumps, maybe oil got added to the ignore list by accident on your comp?

  7. i dont understand how to use pumping.controlList=+/*/*,+/-1/Lava

    -1 means nether i think, lava is ok too but what means the rest? and how can i add for example water in overworld to ignore list…? maybe -/0/Water,+/-1/Lava,+/0/Sludge, etc etc?

  8. I have a question referring to the oil biomes now in buildcraft. I haven’t found any oil biomes in the current version I’m using of buildcraft, which is 3.6.0, with the current minecraft version 1.5.2. Is there a way to enable this, or is this an upcoming feature?

      • Alright, thank you for the information. I will have a look around and see if I can find one then ^^

  9. I have some problems.
    I might be doing something wrong.

    I get my architect table to create whatever I want, create the template and then I move up to my builder, place the template, feed it the materials and placing the engines.

    The engines work but it doesn’t build anything.

    I looked in the wiki, did everything but still nothing.
    Can someone help me with this problem?
    Thanks in advance.

    • I red some of the comments and saw that the builder is disabled (for now).
      Is this true?

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