Hi everyone,

It’s been a few days now from Mincrosoft buying Minecraft – maybe a good time to touch base and give some personal thoughts on the matter.

Selling Mojang makes painful sense. Notch communication about it was a bit awkward – but Notch communication has always been awkward about pretty much anything. Beyond that, it’s nothing else than business as usual. For the players, it means that there may be more things happening around Minecraft license, which could be very good news or very bad news. But at least that’s something.

Of course, there’s the issue of getting a nice indie project becoming property of a large group that does nothing but squeezing money for shareholders. But that’s the world we live in, not much we can do about it. If you want to support a nice indie developer, you can always check out this page ;-).

With regards to modding, the situation may evolve in different ways depending on Mincrosoft decisions, as well as modding community reaction to these decisions. As far as I’m concerned, the fundamentals needed for me to carry on modding are still there. I am keeping my commitment to BuildCraft.

Progress is going to be slower in the coming weeks though. As for most of us, modding is a side activity for me and the fall is a very busy time in my regular job. This explains recent decrease of videos and releases, which hopefully should be only a temporary problem.

Any help and support during that period of time is really appreciated :-)



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Ahem… err… good news everyone!

The energy fixes came along with two nasty bugs which required swift action. So I’m re-issuing a release ASAP, two major things fixed. I hope those are the only ones!

#1827 fixed power distribution [SpaceToad]
#1826 fixed wooden engines not powering pipes [SpaceToad]


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Hi everyone!

Just a small post to inform you that I’ve deployed a new forum interface, available from the navigation menus or directly from this link. The current system doesn’t seem to perform very well, and hopefully this new one will be more user friendly. There’s some customization work to be done but at least it should be functional. One of the things I’d really like to see there is pools on new feature requests, as to get some more information on where people would like things to go. Not that pool would systematically be followed, but at least that’s a way to make thing heard ;-)

As of port to Minecraft 1.7, I’m working on it. Getting nice progress, may be able to share a beta soon…


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BuildCraft 2.2.11 is on the way, including fixes for three annoying bugs:

[1] loading SMP worlds may not load pipes properly, e.g. port from 2.2.5 to > 2.2.5 is know to remove all the pipes

[2] a remaining SMP dupe bug with auto-crafting tables

[3] fuel can get in the input slot of refineries and be stuck there

All three of these issue, plus a couple of minor ones ( are fixed in the development version. BuildCraft 2.x is really converging now, and I would really like to put this on the side and concentrate entirely on the 3.x branch. For that, I’m now looking for all potential blocking issues still remaining there:

- crashes
- problems that prevent reasonable game-play

I need BuildCraft community help for that. If you know of any problem in the above category, now is the best time ever to make bug report. See to get ideas on how to efficient there. Thanks to you, 2.2.11 might be the final release on the branch!

This is still a development version, but already pretty impressive… Kraft logistic pipes for BuildCraft 2.2.7 will allow you to get full control over how objects are sent in the system, automatically create dynamic crafting chains, etc. The forum of the mod, containing all download information, can be found on:

Allright, people, I need your support here. There’s already been 2 critical bugs reported on BuildCraft for Minecraft 1.0.0. So here’s a challenge: besides what’s currently reported here, can you find any show stopper in the current release of BuildCraft, that is to say bugs that prevents from playing survival legit on SSP or SMP? Something like a crash, or a block completely unusable.

I know about the TMI / Creative incapacity of displaying certain items, and not quite sure how to fix those. What I’d like to concentrate on here though is problems preventing to play legit.

So two things to do before posting:

1 – read this thread on how to report in case of a crash (black screen).
2 – read this list of known bugs 

Fire off on this thread!

Thanks a lot for all of those who participated to the BuildCraft 2.2.x 2011 worlds contest. There are some very impressive pieces of factory among your submissions!

The decision was though, but the winner is:


An amazing power factory, surrounded by interesting openings for extensions. Congratulations!

The second place is attributed to:


And it pretty complete offshore platform!

The third place is attributed to:


An quite surprising base, with a lot of wirering underground, offering a fully automated refinery, quarry and a small power plant.

The 4th and 5th places are respectively attributed to TheElm and MarijnS95, who make it into the package. Congratulations to everybody, and thanks again to all the participants!

The 5 best worlds can be downloaded from here.