Last updated: 30/01/2018

BuildCraft 8 has been in alpha for a while now, so a common question is "Why? What's going on? What's missing? When will it move to stable?". Hopefully this should provide an answer for some of this.

Unfortunatly none of these milestones have a particular date assosicated with them - they will just happen at some point in the future.


The current stage. This is a list of things that need to be completed before we move into beta:

Misc missing content

A lot of content is either missing or implemented in a buggy way - for example the timer gate expansion still needs to be converted to a pluggable (ideally with a rotating timer piece). On the other end of the scale the builder is mostly implemented. but still has a lot of bugs to be ironed out. In addition, it doesn't support enough of buildcraft's own blocks. As a lot of content is missing the best place to find the status is to look at the github's issue page, searching by "unported content". If a feature hasn't been ported yet and no issue is in the list, please create one! Just keep them seperate, only one unported feature per issue please.

Guide book functionality

Currently the guide book is useful, but is missing a lot of useful features. This is exteremly important to finish - it can be frustrating to play with a pipe or robot that is doing something odd, and you don't know why. Progress is tracked on this issue. Note: This does not involve written content, only technial/code changes - we are delaying the actual writing of most of the guide book entries until beta

Engine, Power pipes, and MJ rewrite

We moved buildcraft over to MJ at the start of the alpha, but nothing is really that different: currently engines work very similarly to how they used to, and power pipes aren't that interesting. Ideally, you would be able to do more to configure a power network than just place pipes between machines. Before these changes go into the alpha releases we'll put them up on the tests page.

Robot rework

This is the largest one of them all - robots are a very complicated feature, and require a lot of code to work properly. In addition, I'm changing them to work a little differently, and provide much more feedback when something doesn't work. This will likely happen last, and when robots are finished we'll move over to beta.


This is a list of things that need to be completed before we move into stable:

Full localization updates

This is being delayed until beta so that all content (and thus all language keys) will have been finalised, so we don't need to worry about asking translators to re-do work.

Finishing the guide book

We'll need everything (and I mean everything - blocks, triggers, robot behaviour) all need to be fully documented so that everyone can know how to use everything and what it does.